4 Treatments To Stop Arthritis Pain


Arthritis can severely impact your life. You may experience a loss of mobility and fine motor control, in addition to pain that can be nearly unbearable at times. Many arthritis sufferers have had to give up beloved activities out of consideration for their pain. Fortunately, you can find relief so you can return to leading a normal, full life that includes all the things you love best. An arthritis pain management clinic can help.

17 June 2020

3 Reasons To Call An Ambulance For An Emergency Medical Situation Rather Than Taking A Car


When people feel the need to go to the hospital emergency department, they sometimes feel that the best choice is to take a car. They may attempt to drive themselves or have a friend or family member drive them. In most cases, they're trying to avoid being billed for ambulance services. However, this is rarely a wise choice in a truly critical health situation. In fact, it can sometimes be life-threatening.

17 February 2020