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What You Should Know About CBD Oil And An Employment Drug Screening


CBD oil has rapidly grown in popularity for the medical benefits it claims to provide. Those who use CBD oil, or who may want to try CBD oil, may have a concern about whether or not it will show up on an employment drug screening. If you are using CBD oil or have an interest in doing so, here are some things you should know when it comes to a drug screening for your employer:

What Does CBD Oil Do?

CBD will interact with the body. It targets organ receptors, particularly in the nervous system and the brain to help regulate stress, immunity, and balance. Many people claim the effects of CBD oil have a positive impact on their lifestyles.

CBD is claimed to improve your memory, boost your mood, increase your appetite, and help you sleep better. You may also find that your immune system improves, you have better control of your reflexes, and you may even experience improvements in your reproduction system.

Why Would You Worry About CBD and a Drug Screening?

Many people are drawn to CBD oil due to its holistic health properties. The issue when it comes to drug screening is CBDs association with marijuana. Marijuana contains THC, which is a compound that binds with the cannabinoid brain receptors. This is where the connection to CBD oils comes into play. CBD oil, however, is its own chemical that has no psychoactive properties found in marijuana. Therefore, CBD oil does not give you a "high" feeling but instead offers other health benefits.

Can CBD Oil Show Up on a Drug Screening?

A standard drug test will trace THC in your body, but CBD oil does not appear on a drug screening. However, some CBD oil products contain some small traces of THC, which could potentially show up on a drug screening if you use too much of the oil.

How Long Will CBD Oil Remain in Your Body?

It only takes a few minutes for you to receive the effects of CBD oil. The concentration of CBD will begin to decrease within a few hours of ingesting CBD oil. Experts claim that CBD can remain in your system for almost a week. However, your age, weight, and metabolism can impact this.

What Happens if You Test Positive on a Drug Screening?

If your drug screening comes back positive due to your CBD oil use, you should first request another screening. You can discuss your use of CBD oil with your employer if you feel your job may be at risk. You may be asked to provide documentation pertaining to your CBD use as well. Ultimately, the status of your employment will depend on your employer and its policies.

For more information, contact a drug screening service near you.


22 August 2022