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Moving to a new town comes with a lot of tasks to get done. Not only do you have to get all of your belongings moved, but you have to make changes to your medical care facilities. So, when you get to your new home town, do you know what health care clinics you can rely on for the care of your family? Will you couple your family's healthcare with both a clinic and a PCP? This blog will give you several suggestions about how to manage the changes in your family's healthcare adaptations to ensure you receive the best possible care in your new home town.

4 Benefits of PCR COVID-19 Tests


The coronavirus is a respiratory virus that can be dangerous or even fatal. This virus is easily transmitted through droplets expelled from infected people's noses and mouths. Coronavirus testing services are necessary to halt the spread of the disease and to ensure that infected people get the care they need. When choosing a coronavirus test for your needs, you may want to choose a PCR test. Here are four excellent benefits of PCR COVID-19 tests.

1. Minimally Invasive

PCR COVID-19 tests are minimally invasive. Many people have a fear of needles. Fortunately, you won't need to have blood drawn when you arrive at the testing site for your coronavirus test. Instead, a health care worker will collect a sample of nasal tissue by swabbing your nose. You may feel temporary discomfort as the swab enters your nasal cavity, but the process is fast.

2. Fast Results

PCR COVID-19 tests aren't the fastest tests currently in existence, but they can nevertheless provide patients with fast answers about their infection status. In most cases, the results of a coronavirus test will be available within 24 hours. If you don't get your coronavirus test results in a single day, they should be available soon after. Fast test results will allow you to plan your life around your coronavirus status. You'll be able to quarantine yourself or go about your business, as appropriate.

3. Highly Accurate

PCR COVID-19 tests take longer than antigen tests that are also designed to detect the presence of the disease. However, PCR tests are more accurate than antigen tests. You need to know whether or not you have COVID-19 so you can take the appropriate measures to protect yourself and the people around you. A PCR test will allow you to trust a positive or negative test result with a higher degree of certainty.

4. Detects Asymptomatic Infections

PCR COVID-19 tests check for the presence of the coronavirus in your system. Even infected people who do not display coronavirus symptoms have detectable levels of the virus in their bodies. That means that PCR tests can be used to detect asymptomatic infections. This is good news since asymptomatic people are likely to be carriers who spread the virus unwittingly. If you have been exposed to the coronavirus in the last two weeks, a PCR test can ensure that you're not a silent carrier of the disease.

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17 May 2021