managing healthcare in a new town

Moving to a new town comes with a lot of tasks to get done. Not only do you have to get all of your belongings moved, but you have to make changes to your medical care facilities. So, when you get to your new home town, do you know what health care clinics you can rely on for the care of your family? Will you couple your family's healthcare with both a clinic and a PCP? This blog will give you several suggestions about how to manage the changes in your family's healthcare adaptations to ensure you receive the best possible care in your new home town.

Wondering Why You Need A Doula? The Basics


If you've recently found out that you're pregnant, you're probably preparing your birth team and finding your care providers. Along with your obstetrician or midwife, you should also consider hiring a doula to help you with your pregnancy, labor, and delivery. If you're wondering what makes a doula so important, here are some of the best reasons to have one working with you until your baby comes.

A Doula Works For You

Your obstetrician and your midwife will be providing you with services and care, but they don't actually work for you. They work for the hospital or medical center where you are getting your care. A doula, on the other hand, will work on your behalf. Your doula is solely there to serve your needs and take care of you throughout the entire process. Whether you need emotional support, a back rub, or just someone to support you while your spouse goes to get a soda, your doula will be there every step of the way.

A Doula Is A Great Resource

Doulas are in the pregnancy and birth business. That means that they know all of the best things for expectant mothers, labor, delivery, and newborn adjustment. Whether you need a maternity or nursing bra or even a care provider or equipment recommendation, your doula has the experience and the exposure to be able to help you find what you need.

A Doula Won't Leave At The End Of A Shift

When you are in labor, your care team will be rotating according to shift schedules. That means that your nurses will change, and your delivery doctor will be the one on call. When you hire a doula, you can be sure that you will have one care provider that will be by your side from the beginning of your labor throughout your delivery. You'll also have your doula's support after delivery as you transition into taking care of your newborn.

A Doula Can Help With Breastfeeding

Hiring a doula gives you someone you have built a reputation and relationship with. When the baby is born and you are working on breastfeeding, your doctor may suggest sending in a lactation consultant to help you. Instead of working with a lactation consultant that you don't really know, your doula, whom you've built a relationship with, can help you with your lactation struggles and adjustments.

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12 December 2019